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Plusoptic Transcv 40g Q 850nm 300mmtp/mpo

Plusoptic Transcv 40g Q 850nm 300mmtp/mpo

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Te plusoptic plusoptic compatible qsfp-40g-csr-plu has a data rate of 40g and a range of 300m on mmf utilising an mtp/mpo connector.as with all plusoptic products, the qsfp-40g-csr-plu is manufactured in state of the art, iso 9001, dirt and dust free manufacturing facilities. we ensure that all plusoptic products are made with only the highest quality lasers and componentry, under strict manufacturing practices and rigorous testing to ensure that all plusoptic products are of the highest possible quality. the qsfp-40g-csr-plu has a full 3 year warranty and a 100% compatibility guarantee. if you require fibre patch leads to connect your qsfp-40g-csr-plu simply browse through the cables section on our website. if you have any questions about the plusoptic compatible qsfp-40g-csr-plu or the cables required to connect your network please contact you distributor or our friendly team as we are always happy to assist. we are also able to supply a datasheet for the vendor compatible qsfp-40g-csr-plu if you are after more detailed information about the product, simply contact us to request a data sheet.

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