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Screen Filter - Privacy Filter For 13.3in Notebooks

Screen Filter - Privacy Filter For 13.3in Notebooks

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£41.89  (Excl VAT)


Notebook and LCD Privacy Filters


  • 3M's privacy technology narrows the viewing area so that screen data is visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor
  • Will not blur or distort on-screen images
  • Reduces screen glare
  • Guards against scratches and abrasions to protect your monitor investment
  • Unobtrusive design will not interfere with LCD speakers or monitor controls
  • Easy to attach and remove; filter can be left in place even when your notebook computer is closed

Ordering Information

PF12.1 for 12.1" notebook computers
PF13.3 for 13.3" notebook computers
PF14.1 for 14.1" notebook computers
PF15.0 for 15.0" notebook or LCD desktop displays
PF15.4 for 15.4" widescreen notebook computers
PF17.0 for 17.0" LCD desktop displays
PF18.1 for 18.1" LCD desktop displays
PF19.0 for 19" LCD desktop displays
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