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Duracell 175w Twin UK Socket Inverter

Duracell 175w Twin UK Socket Inverter

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This duracell 12v 175w portable power inverter with ac and usb ports is great for delivering power while travelling. the usb ports output 2.4a 5v perfect for digital devices such as tablet pc's including ipads, iphones, blackberry, kindle etc. the mains sockets remain available to power additional items such as a laptop or dvd player. the inverter includes shutdown protection, which powers down the inverter if battery power drops below a certain level.

  • dual ac 3 pin sockets
  • dual 2.4a 5v usb sockets
  • charges ac and usb devices simultaneously
  • quiet fan for efficient cooling
  • weighs just 260g and its compact design prevents it getting in the way

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